No Sweat Undies Health Benefits

Most people with "B" stomachs have problems with an overlapping pannis. The result of skin on skin contact, moisture (sweat) gets trapped and creates a perfect for the growth of fungus and bacterial infections called Intertrigo. Intertrigo causes rash, lesions and odor. It itches, hurts and stinks.

Until now there has been nothing on the market that successfully addresses preventing this problem that effects millions all over the world. How can that be? Mostly because the medical community believes the only thing they can/will do is to try to change our bodies. Not to help us where we are. Certainly not help us value our bodies. So we must value them and take care of them. 

So many of us are in the same boat. We can find more fashionable clothes in bigger sizes, but still not as inclusive as we need. That is why No Sweat Undies comes in sizes 8 to 17.We feel this is more inclusive and helps more people.

So what are you getting when you wear NSUs? Not just another pair of underwear! This is designed for our curves. They are made of a technologically advanced polyester spandex, a high end athletic blend that is knitted to channel moisture away from our skin and out to where it evaporates. Does it stop us from sweating? No. But sweating is part of our body's way of cooling us .It wicks that sweat away and leaves us dry and  comfortable. No Sweat Undies helps to eliminate the moisture, helping to prevent Intertrigo infections.

This means no environment for the bacteria and fungus to breed. No rashes, sores, trips to the doctor for an embarrassing exam (and often a lecture about it being our fault!). No more powders that become a gritty paste. No more gooey creams that melt and create their own problems. And for people with autoimmune diseases or diabetes, no more specialty wound care. 

You are worth it. Be as healthy as you can be.