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Many Plus size women share the burden of a problem that no one else knows about and no-one sees. It is so taboo that most of us won’t discuss it...even with our fellow sufferers, even with our own mothers and daughters who may share the same problem!

All of us sweat, but those who are larger, postnatal, or formerly larger share a condition that challenges even the medical profession. An overhanging belly creates a perfect environment for sweat to cause irritation and rash which can quickly progress to infection and cellulitis (intertrigo) within only 24 hours.

This breakdown of healthy skin results in a cascade of threatening events for which no-one has previously found a solution. In discussing this with numerous medical professionals, I learned that they are often keenly aware of the odor of infection among these patients who will not speak frankly because of social embarrassment. 

At the end of one day when I discovered yet another rash, I decided to boldly ask people I knew what they were doing about this problem. They were using numerous desperate measures: deodorant, talcum powder, Vaseline, washcloths, and cutting up husbands’ old tee shirts to separate their stomach from the parts of their body and praying they don’t fall out. I was determined to find a REAL solution!

Years of experience as a seamstress with an engineering mind finally gave me the solution which could relieve millions of people of their suffering. It is called Dry Apron.

Dry Apron is underwear with a crucial third panel. The panel offers three important features. It separates skin that normally would be in tight contact; it is a breathable fabric; and it wicks away moisture like the finest athletic wear. The luxuriously soft fabric of Dry Apron offers a gentle level of comfort never before experienced by the wearer.


About the Inventor, CarolAnn

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