Summer Heat is Peaking

My family in Oregon are experiencing record high temperatures going past the hundred mark this week! Other than lying in a position akin to the cover of Grey's Anatomy and positioning fans at strategic places, I'm guessing sweat will be running freely! Staunching armpits with antiperspirants only leaves the body to find another likely place to cool by evaporation of sweat. As long as it isn't a cozy closed off place, it will help cool your body. But what about the other nice areas where the moisture is ripe for yeasts to colonize? Our tummies make an ideal breeding ground for them! I usually am happy to be a hostess, but come on!!!! 

Head this off at the pass with Dry Apron panties! Wick the sweat away from your skin on skin tummy folds! Keep them fresh and dry without clogging pores. Stop the odor before it starts. Remember, even an inch of unvented skin can make a comfy home for these nasty little pests. So enjoy the summer more confident with Dry Apron panties. Available in sizes 8-15.

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